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Body Diary?

Hello, ladies.

So, I've resolved to start turning my body around. Assuming the updates are under cuts, anyone object if I use Pom Bits as a place to post progress reports?


I figured there's no where quite as good to bitch about body issues than a community of verbose and supportive women.

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Anyway...I've been having really down Body Days recently and wanted to bitch a bit. Anyone who wants, feel free to jump on this bandwagon. If we can't scream a little to each other, who can we scream to?

But Mom!

So, ladies, what do you think of the idea of being a stay-at-home wife or mother? Do you want kids? And talk about it.

Poly webcomics

Hopefully this whole inserting-images thing works like it's supposed to. Under the cut are two webcomics I really like that I feel show two of the sides of the poly thing really nicely. They're both pretty self-explanatory.

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To Whom It May Concern...


thought of this from our conversation about tampons. Hope you like it. Clickie!



Let's Talk About Sex!


Now that I have your attention, how does/did sex enter a relationship for you? Was it something you planned and thought about? Did it just happen when you were horny? Do you put emotional significance into having sex with a partner?

For those of you in homosexual relationships, what, to you, constitutes "Sex?"
The title is mostly just for fun. But I am going to talk about my period.

As you guys may remember, three months back I started to take vitamins in order to help balance out my period since it was essentially hell on earth every three months. (I am on seasonael which makes it so I don't have it every month - at the advice of my OB/GYN)

I thought that it would be a good test for the vitamins as it usually takes 90 days of taking them in order to see if they're having any actual effect, and since I had 90 days to go from my last one it was perfect timing.

The report is in - they worked. I am finishing up the least fussy, uneventful period I've had in easily six years. No bloating, No zits, minimal cramping, and only two days of heavy bleeding. (Before I was on the pill i'd have 4 or 5 days of heavy bleeding). That's it. Now it's winding itself up with little ado.

What was I taking?

In the morning: Calcium, Cinnamon & Evening Primrose Oil
Before Bed: Magnesium & Evening Primrose Oil

Calcium helps reduce inflammation & control histamine (it was also for my allergies in addition to the inflamation)
Cinnamon reduces inflammation
Magnesium reduces inflammation & helps you to sleep if you take it right before bed

Evening Primrose Oil is an essential oil that all women should have in their diets for healthy hair, skin and less cramps. That's right, in addition to making my cramps less annoying it makes my skin soft and smooth and less zitty and my hair soft and shinny. And prevents wrinkles.

Any questions on anything I put here, feel free to comment and ask.


Hungry, hungry hippos

This post has nothing to do with hippos.

I've been talking to some guy friends who have complained that they can't dress up to impress a girl as easily as we can for them. The quotation was "there is no socially acceptable male equivalent to the little black dress."

So, ladies! What can that man wear to impress you on a date? What makes a man look sexy?



My name is Lauren. I'm an interesting case...I have a lot of problems with the girl bits, physically and emotionally, so I'll be broaching a lot of very practical and very theoretical questions on here. The emotional stuff is from really bad relationships, which can be talked about as necessary (no sense in getting all emo and whiny yet ^_^).

The physical thing: In the past two years, I've had two procedures done to remove growths from my vaginal canal. These growths are painful when stimulated, but no one is entirely sure why. They've been biopsied as just skin, but no one knows why they grow, what would make them stop, or what makes them come back. Here's the kicker - we get to know our terrain. We know pushing what makes things good, or you like it when he pets the g-spot, or whatever else you end up preferring. Through the two procedures, my terrain is completely different. I have a lot of scar tissue and nerve damage, so that I have no idea what I like and/or can feel anymore. Because of all of the nerve damage, it is incredibly hard for me to orgasm. After one of the procedures, it was 18 months (with partners) before I came. Infuriating. I've had one orgasm in the last four months.

My doctor ordered me to masturbate, in order to get the nerves to start acting the way they are supposed to again. This is something I've never really done often or well, so I'm still trying to figure it out.

Let's talk about masturbation! Or, as I've heard it so pleasantly called, pleasuring one's self.

1. What is the place of masturbation in your sex life? Is it something just for you? Something your partner watches and shares in? What do you think?

2. Techniques! Get graphic. Do you manipulate the labia? Do you prefer only penetration or do you play with the clit? Hands or toys?

Thanks ladies! Or other vagina warriors!

Yay for TMI

Hey guys! My name is Ashley, and I'm a 24 year old flight attendant (for now, at least). I have a boyfriend of a little of three months currently, and no kids to speak of.

I didn't get my period til I was already in highschool (I was 14). I didn't have any nasty symptoms until I was 18 or so, and they've progressively gotten worse as I've gotten older. We're talking killer cramps, 10 days of bleeding, and super heavy the first 3 days (bleeding through super plus tampons in 6 hours or less).

Because of this, I've been on nearly every type of birth control imaginable to try and combat this. I've been on three or four different pills, the patch, the nuva ring, the shot, and none of them have really done anything to help me.

1) Pill - no improvement on my periods, and I used to have trouble remembering to take them on time. If I missed one by eight hours, I'd get my period in three days every single time. Not fun. I'm back on this right now (Yaz), and I skip most of my periods by skipping the placebo pills, and haven't forgotten one yet.

2)Patch - I got taken off of this after only a couple months because it was giving girls too much hormones. Other than that, not too many complaints.

3) Nuva Ring - I've never been told that I have a short vagina (which I think may be true), but I have been told that my uterus is tilted. Regardless, the first one didn't stay in (I didn't even realize it was missing til 3 days later), and it made sex hurt. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

4) Depo Provera Shot - REALLY liked this one for the first year. Stopped my periods completely, nothing to worry about, no maintenance. That is...until I started to bleed heavily EVERY time I had sex or got a pap smear. NOT COOL.

So yeah, my vagina hasn't been that good to me, but such is life.

Oh, and I got my second yeast infection EVER last week, and I forgot how terrible they are. *shudders*